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Class of 2027

Welcome Class of 2027!

Students Currently Enrolled in an LAUSD Middle School

If you are matriculating from an LAUSD middle school, then you DO NOT need to complete new enrollment paperwork!  You will log into your Parent Portal account, update and verify your contact information.  That's It!

Start Here -->  Click Here to go to Parent Portal

Step-by-step Instructions for Uploading Documents in your Parent Portal account.

Students Coming from a Middle School Outside of LAUSD

If you are matriculating from a middle school out-of-district or have not attended an LAUSD school within the last two years, then follow these steps.  Please click on the link below to begin your enrollment at the Unified Enrollment site.  You will create a Parent Login and answer the enrollment questions.  You will need to gather and upload a scanned file of the following items:

1.  Student's birth certificate

2.  Proof of Residence (Utility bill for Gas, Water or Electric)

3.  Parent/Guardian/Caregiver ID

4.  Proof of Immunization

Start Here -->     Click here to go to Unified Enrollment

After you have completed the Student Enrollment, please verify with the Magnet Office that your student has been enrolled in Misis for the 2022-2023 school year.  Once your child has been enrolled in Misis, you may follow the Step-by-Step Instructions below to activate your Parent Portal account and begin uploading documents.

We are excited to welcome you to campus. Please complete your Class Selection Survey ASAP.