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Magnet Parents Association

Mission Statement:

To support the entire Van Nuys High School Community by enhancing the quality of academics, extra-curricular activities and physical environment, and by improving communications with teacher, parents and students, as well as the surrounding community.


  • To provide a regular communication vehicle, newsletter, web site, etc. between school and home.
  • To inform and involve the surrounding community in school activities.
  • To provide a forum for, and bring information to, parents regarding issues relevant to their children’s education and well being.
  • To develop fundraising vehicles which will provide funds to facilitate the objectives of this organization.
  • To provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for parents.
  • To do all things necessary and proper to implement the responsibilities of the MPA as hereinafter set forth.


  • Membership in the group shall be open to parents of students enrolled in the PA, Medical or Math-Science Magnets at Van Nuys High School, as well as administration and faculty members directly involved with the above magnets.
  • All parents of Magnet students shall have voting rights.
  • Administrators and faculty will have voice but no vote.

MPA Board Member Volunteer Job Descriptions