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Magnet Office Personnel and Services

The Magnet Office

The Magnet Office is located just inside and to the right of the main entry doors off of Cedros Avenue. This office will take care of most of your Magnet student’s needs and concerns during their stay here at Van Nuys High. There are two full time coordinators and three dedicated counselors that service the magnet student population exclusively. There are also two excellent office managers that run the office and keep everyone and everything in order. This office oversees the day-to-day running and management of the three separate and distinct Magnet Schools on the Van Nuys High School campus.


There are two full time Program Coordinators for our three magnet programs.  Our total student population for all three magnets is about 1,200 students. Currently this is approximately 52% of the total school population at Van Nuys High School.

Mrs. Elizabeth Torres, Math-Science & Medical Careers Magnet Coordinator    

Mrs. Fanny Araña, Performing Arts Magnet Coordinator


We have three full-time counselors who work exclusively with our magnet students. Since they work only for the Magnet Office and Magnet Students, they are able to provide a specialized experience and knowledge base to better deal with all your student’s concerns on a broad base of issues from scheduling & programming, to graduation advice, to individualized personal counseling.

Ms. Maria Gaytan, Math-Science Magnet (Last Name: A to Q)

Mrs. Marcy Pelligrini, Performing Arts Magnet

Ms. Karineh Krikourian, Math-Science Magnet (Last Name: R to Z) & Medical Careers Magnet (Last Name: A to Z)

Office Managers:

We are very lucky to have two of the best office personnel in all of LAUSD. They will most often be your first line of contact and be your most frequent contact persons. As everyone knows, or will experience, our office staff are outstanding and instrumental in providing the best service to both students and parents. They will always be available to help arrange a parent conference with any of your student’s teachers or answer any general questions you, or your student may have, or get you or your student to the right person.

Ms. Damaris Quintanilla, Lead Office Tech

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