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All athletic paperwork will be completed online.  

Sign up and complete all of the steps.  Please turn in the following paperwork to Dion Coley, Athletics Director:

1) The certification form signed by parent and athlete, after all paperwork is complete

2) A copy of their insurance

3) Physical form signed and cleared by their doctor

Thank you. Hope all is well. Stay safe. 

Thank you,

Dion Coley

This page is to familiarize you with Van Nuys High School athletics program and some of the requirements needed to participate in athletics at Van Nuys High School.

Many athletes lose playing time because their forms are not properly filled out. You must make sure that all of your documentation is turned in and completed. In order to participate in after-school practice, the following must be turned in:

  • Athlete’s Eligibility Information and Parent’s Consent Form-Both sides must be signed and dated by the Parent and the Athlete. Other than where the participating sports are listed, there can be no blank spots on the paper.
  • Emergency Card-This card must be in your coach’s possession in order for you to participate in an event.
  • Pre-Participation Form (Front Side)-All questions must be answered and any yes answers must be explained. There is a spot at the bottom for both parent and student signatures. Both must be signed. The biggest cause for the clearance delay is not filling out this side properly.
  • Physical Examination Form (Back Side)-Once a year, all athletes must have a physical examination by a doctor. The doctor must use the form provided by the District, the doctor must sign this form, and the doctor must put their official stamp on this form. Both sides must be completely filled out and signed. This form must be completed by a doctor licensed to practice medicine in the State of California. If the physical was completed by a Nurse Practitioner, it must be countersigned by a Medical Doctor.

Here is additional Important Information athletes and parents must know:

Attendance- Athletes must attend a minimum of four classes the day of an athletic contest. Period 6 does not count. If not, the athlete can be declared ineligible and the team may have to forfeit.

Behavior-Athletics is a privilege, not a right. Athletes are a representative of Van Nuys High School and are therefore expected to behave at a higher level. Athletes are role models for the rest of the school.

Ejections-If an athlete is ejected from a contest, they will be suspended from the next contest, no exception. (CIF Policy) Ejected athletes must have a conference with the assistant principal before they return. If there is a second ejection, the athlete will miss two contests and their parent(s) must come in for a conference. If there is a third ejection, the athlete will be ineligible for the remainder of the season, and for the next season of sport. 

Equipment-Unless the athlete has purchased their uniform and/or equipment, (which is optional, not a requirement), it is their responsibility to return it at the end of the season, or sooner if ineligible. A stop clearance may be placed on their graduation if barrowed equipment or uniforms are not returned. (VNHS/LAUSD)

Falsifying Information-If an athlete falsifies any information given to the school, the team will forfeit any and all contests that the athlete participated in and the athlete will be declared ineligible for one year from all sports. (CIF)

Grades-Athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA or they will be ineligible to participate. Grades are checked every five weeks, but only the ten and twenty week grades count for athletic eligibility. The five and fifteen week grades are only warnings, and are progress reports, not report cards. They will not affect eligibility in any way. (VNHS/LAUSD/CIF)

Transportation-All athletes are required to take the team bus to and from all road contests. Athletes may submit a note the day before a road contest to leave the site with a parent/guardian. The note must be submitted the day before (24 hour notice), not the day of the contest. Include a copy of a picture ID. The parent/guardian must also be on the athlete’s emergency card in order to take the athlete home. All athletes should be in uniform while traveling on the bus. (LAUSD/CIF)

If there are any questions or concerns, talk to the coach first or you can call:
Marc Strassner, Assistant Principal
Dion Coley, Athletic Director
at (818) 778-6800

Student-Athlete Vaccinations: All Los Angeles Unified students who are part of in-person extracurricular programs (including athletics) are REQUIRED to receive their first vaccine dose by no later than October 3, 2021 and their second dose by no later than October 31,2021.

Students and families that have questions or concerns regarding the vaccine are encouraged to call the family hotline at (213) 443-1300 and review our Frequently Asked Questions. The safe steps to school link may be accessed for additional information, including vaccination information. Go to,