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Mission Statement

Van Nuys High School is committed to creating a secure and safe environment where students will become academically capable and self-sufficient individuals, effective communicators, critical and analytical thinkers, self-directed lifelong learners and responsible and ethical citizens.

Vision Statement

Van Nuys High School is committed to providing a superior, interdisciplinary standards-based education in a diverse setting, where students will attain the skills necessary to participate successfully, in a democratic community.

Basic Beliefs

We believe, that....

  • All students are capable of learning.
  • All school stakeholders have the responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning.
  • All school personnel have the responsibility to model the standards we expect from our students.
  • All students have the responsibility to contribute to their own educational progress, which includes, but is not limited to, daily attendance, punctuality, self-discipline, and effective study habits.
  • The development of ethical conduct is as important as academic success.
  • All students have a variety of learning patterns the must be considered in the design of the educational program.
  • Education must be a collaborative effort of the home, school and community.