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History of VNHS

Van Nuys High School opened in 1914 as one of three high schools in the San Fernando Valley serving what was then a rural community. In the intervening eight decades, society has undergone remarkable social and technological transformations that have required schools to make tremendous changes in order to prepare students for an increasingly demanding and complicated world. Despite these changes though, one fact has remained constant: students still need a solid foundation in traditional academic fields.

Van Nuys High School, keenly aware of the needs of a rapidly changing world and those of traditional academics, has developed academic programs to fulfill these needs. Van Nuys High combines an outstanding faculty and a rigorous curriculum to produce an academic program that provides college-level instruction in English, Math, Social Studies, Foreign Language and Science. For the past sixteen years, the Van Nuys High School Magnet graduates have routinely achieved a high rate of admission to top universities and our Magnet Programs have been recognized nationally for their outstanding academic programs.